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Nature's Rancher

My dear friend and owner of Stolz-Mead Global Advertising Agency David Stolz kindly offered me a couple of spots on the web site of his recent venture called, "Nature's Rancher". He started this new line of organic meat products a year or so ago and he is doing really well with this brand. His products are sold at Whole Foods all over the US and Canada. I recorded a couple of short videos of me making paper animals from my book "Kirigami Menagerie" and uploaded them for kids to see so that they can learn how to make paper craft projects (after they eat delicious meat products of Nature's Rancher, of course). When you click on the menu that says, "Kidz Zone", you get a video on how to make a cow, and when you click on menu that says ,"Pork", you get to see me make a piglet.


Work in progress

This is a new automaton piece I have been working on. It is still in a prototype stage, but I am happy about the way this is taking shape so far.


Peepshow #8 video

I recently reworked on my old piece "Peepshow #8". Originally, the interior space of the piece had white walls and white ceiling. But I was not completely happy about the way it looked, so I decided to paint the entire interior space in red, the same color I used to paint wooden balls inside this piece. Also I got rid of a tiny bow that was originally tied to the swing set. It just looked unnecessary. I uploaded the video on the web. Here is the piece in action.


Kirigami Animals review video

I came across this You Tube video someone posted reviewing my Kirigami Animal kit.

I appreciate that this boy did a really good job making the animals following the instructions. Here is the link.



Photo Shoot at Lark Books

Earlier last month, I drove down to Asheville, North Carolina for a photo shoot for my upcoming paper craft book, "Paper Pups". I spent 2 days at my publisher Lark Books assisting the photo shoot as a project stylist. During the shoot, I snapped a few pictures.

My editor Beth Sweet arranging the Boxers.

Beth Sweet and Shannon Yokeley working with the Chihuahuas.

Photographer Steve Mann playing with lights.

This book is all about dogs with 40 different breeds I designed in it. It will have photographs, step-by-step instructions on how to build them and their templates, much like my last book "Kirigami Menagerie". This book is coming out in the fall of 2013. I can hardly wait.

While I was in Asheville, I got together with friends of mine Tamie Beldue, Shane Snider and their son Silas who live in Black Mountain, NC.

Tamie teaches drawing and printmaking at UNC, Shane exhibits his beautiful sculptures at Gallery Minerva in Asheville and designs furniture. It's been a few years since they moved from OH to NC, so it was really nice to see that they were doing very well.