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Paper Pups book is out!

Today I finally received copies of my "Paper Pups" book I had ordered from Barnes & Noble. Now I can send these to some of my friends. It is truly gratifying to actually see the project I worked on for about a year become a physical reality. I do love the weight and touch of the book as well as the design itself; things you couldn't experience with a digital book.


Rosie's Arts And Crafts

I have been visiting this Lady Rosie's blog every so often. She lives in England and does all kinds of arts and crafts that involve paper and cross stitching. She has made some of the paper animals from my book Kirigami Menagerie and I have enjoyed looking at her versions of my designs. Today I saw her Dragon and I had to post it on my blog. She did an excellent job watercoloring it, although she mentioned that making the dragon was a very difficult process. It looks good to me!


Japanese Newspaper Columns

A Japanese newspaper of the city I am from contacted me and asked me to write columns in the culture section of the paper for them. They want me to talk about my life and art in Ohio. My post started in October 2012 and will continue once a month through September 2013. The image below is a screen capture of my first column. I talked about the city of Columbus, Ohio State University, Center of Science and Industry etc. centered around various Japanese connections. I am of course writing my columns in Japanese, but it really makes me realize how rusty my Japanse is getting. There are so many characters, words and phrases I just can't remember! I am struggling with an English-Japanese dictionary in my hand...


Diffusion Magazine

My photography work has one page in the current issue of a wonderful alternative photo magazine "Diffusion ~ Unconventional Photography Volume IV". It is in the section called, "The Artist's Hand" and I am featured as an artist using liquid photo emulsion. Here is their web site.


"Paper Pups" in progress

My new book "Paper Pups" is coming out earlier than I expected. The release date is now set on May 7th 2013. I just finished proofing its first laser printout. It's really coming together! Just for a teaser, what you see below is the cover design my publisher has just posted online. I designed 40 breeds plus a few variations of certain dogs, but they couldn't fit all of them in the book. So those left out will be posted online as free bonus projects on my publisher Lark Crafts' site when the book comes out.