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A little experiment in pastel

I tried a pastel drawing on muslin mounted on gesso board just to see how this surface would take the medium. It was easier than I had expected. This study is 6" x 6". I think I can work big next time.


Vanitas 11 begins (01-28-2016)

Started working on a new piece Vanitas 11 a couple of days ago. This is going to be another graphite drawing. With the last one Vanitas 10, I enjoyed the process of filling in the entire background with graphite shading and I decided to repeat the process with this new piece.


Vanitas 10 finished!

I finished Vanitas 10 today. This piece went through several revisions of design and concept, but I am pretty satisfied with the end result.


Vanitas 10 update (01-04-2017)

So this is the final design concept I came up with. It's a little bit stepping away from the original concept as well as from my previous version of vanitas theme, but it still conveys the sense of transient nature of beauty. I am going to add more fine details to the leaf and fill up the entire background with shading in graphite.



Vanitas 10 update (01-02-2017)

The rendering of the model's body is pretty much finished. I am working on the hair. I added an extra inch to the top and elongated the piece vertically. Now I have a pretty good idea about the design of the piece and feel good about it. I gave up the idea of mixed media. I am going to finish this piece entirely in graphite.