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Vanitas 11 update (07-25-2017)

The hair and the top 1/2 of the fabric have been rendered. Now I can do the rest of the fabric, make some minor adjustments and this piece will be done.


Vanitas 11 Update (07-23-2017)

I have been working on this drawing diligently. The rendering of the figure and the skull is pretty much done. Now I am working on the hair, then am going to move onto the fabric at the bottom. I am still not 100% sure how to treat the background yet...

Work in progress 07-23-2017.


Detail of the skull.

Work in progress 07-21-2017.


Ohio Art League figure painting sessions

Since I am on summer break, I am able to go to Ohio Art League's Thursday night figure painting sessions. Thanks to Nathaniel Underwood who runs this program, I have been enjoying the experience of working on a painting over a 3 ~ 4 weeks period without rushing. Here are the recent painting I finished and the one I am currently working on.


Vanitas 11 update (07-12-2017)

I took a few months break from Vanitas series, but today I went back to work on this drawing I had started back in January this year. I am thinking about using an experimental technique for rendering this piece. Not sure if it actually works, but will see... I have so far shaded the part of the figure with 4H and 3H leads and ready to move on to darker leads now.


Museu Europeu d'Art Modern

In March when we were in Barcelona Spain, I had a chance to visit Museu Europeu d'Art Modern. It is a museum dedicated to realism arts mainly figure/portrait paintings and sculpture. I really enjoyed my experience there. Here are some snapshots.

Alejandro Marco Montalvo

Chao Ma

David Kasaan

Dino Valls

Eloy Morales Ramiro

Felipe Alonso

Jesus Ma Saez de Vicuna

Juan Bautista Nieto

Luciano Ventrone

Luis Alvarez Roure

Richard Chiang

Richard Harper