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My photographic images are printed on sheets of oxidized metal (mostly steel) using the liquid photo emulsion called "Liquid Light". It is manufactured by the company : Rockland.
For the online portfolio of my photography work, Click here.
My work is represented by Sherrie Gallerie, Columbus, OH.

Here is the artist statement on this part of my work.
My photographic work deals with the transformation of the physical and conceptual properties of the medium by means of time. My images are printed on oxidized sheet metal through the application of photographic emulsion onto the surface. In this process the rust on the metal penetrates the image from underneath and surfaces to become part of the image. The time represented by a photographic image, which belongs to the past, is physically shifted and relocated by the decay of the material, which is the manifestation of on-going time. The senses of permanence and timelessness conventionally associated with photographic prints are re-examined by the impermanence implied by the material. In a literal and symbolic sense, my main subject-matters: female nudes provide the ground where these 2 points in time meet and the figures work as a catalyst to accelerate this transformation of the medium due to the transient nature of beauty with which female nudes are viewed. Sometimes by juxtaposing oxidation against the figure and sometimes by blending the oxidation with the figure, I try to create a visual and psychological tension. I would like to continue exploring a new possibility of dialogue that would bridge images, materials and time.