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Origami Heaven piece

I finally finished the diptych for the paper craft show at Stony Brook University, Long Island, NY, which I just found out is called "Origami Heaven". I documented them before shipping them to the museum.

This is how they look side by side.

This is the panel #1 on the left.

A detail of the dove.

Scored, cut and painted feathers.

The feathers are placed in the way which they progressively move further away from the blue background as they travel from left to right of the picture plane. This was done by paper sticks of various lengths lifting the feathers from underneath. This photo also shows how the white rope disappears into the black wooden frame.

 The panel #2 on the right.

A detail shot of the atomic bombs falling from (or suspended in) the sky. They all have folded braces behind them that lift the bombs away from the background surface.

Just like the panel #1, this is how the white rope this child is holding disappears into the black wooden frame.

A close up shot of the child. He was made out of one continuous sheet of paper, and partially hand colored.

I really don't know how to understand this particular piece. Partly because I have never done something that was straightforward and yet loaded with a social meaning like this. So this piece still feels very different and foreign to me. The big question I constantly struggled with while working on this project was how to describe abstract notions of collective fear and hope in art. Those emotions are usually triggered by specific circumstances and incidents. How to translate those emotions we feel on a collective level as human beings was very difficult for me to figure out. I didn't want this piece to be overly emotional or illustrative, and yet I wanted it to have a certain impact on the audience on the emotional and aesthetic levels (sounds like a lofty goal). I decided to use symbolism even though they might be seen as clichés. I don't disregard the value of clichés and don't necessarily see them in a negative light. I find there is a kind of cultural weight in clichés as a universal language no matter how banal they might seem. I did feel a need to add something more to the piece so that the work would somehow transcend the superficial and over-used symbolism. I tried to find a solution in the design and execution of the piece. But, to be honest, I am still not sure if this piece turned out to be successful or not. I guess I will just have to see how people will respond to it once it's hung on the wall...


Paper Craft Exhibition

I was invited to be a part of a group exhibition of origami and other paper folding related art at Charles B. Wang Center of Stony Brook University, Long Island, NY. This exhibition is to ccommemorate the atomic bombs and 70th anniversary of the end of the World War II. It will open on September 9th, 2015 and run through December 31st. I decided to work on a completely new piece for this show. The concept is my reflection on the current state of the world we are in especially on a very frustrating result of the Nuclear Anti Proliferation Treaty meeting at the UN Headquarter in NYC this past May. It is very disheartening to realize that, after all these years, we are repeating the same mistakes over and over again as if we never learned anything from our past. I thought about the concepts long and hard and finally decided to make it simple and straightforward. This is not conceptual mumbo-jumbo high art and decidedly so.

After a series of revisions on the designs of the piece, I finally settled with a diptych format. Below are a few work in progress shots I snapped.

Some of the atomic bombs falling from the sky. I made total 28 of them. These are going to be on the first panel.

This boy will be standing under the falling bombs against the burning sky. I will probably color him a llittle.

This is the dove on the second panel flying against the blue sky.

These are some of the feathers falling from the sky behind the dove. I made approx. 60 of these.

A detail shot of the feathers. It took me a long time to score all those lines on them. They were all made by hand individually. These 2 panels will be connected by a red thread the dove is carrying with its beak and the end of the thread will be held by the boy. I have a mental image of how this piece is going to look when it's done. I hope the actual finished piece is going to look as good as I am hoping...


Paper Monsters on Martha Stewart Living blog

Martha Stewart Living published an article on my latest paper craft book "Paper Monsters & Curious Creatures" along with my interview on their blog. They also posted 2 free downloadable templates of Ghost and Dracula and their instructions. I am glad the article made it up on the blog just in time for Halloween!


Paper Monsters photo shoot

I just got back from a photo shoot at Lark Books in Asheville, North Carolina. It was for my upcoming paper craft book, "Paper Monsters and Curious Creatures (working title)." I worked on this book during my sabbatical this past spring along with "Paper Birds" book. I designed total 40 projects and it looks like this book will contain approximately 30 of them. The rest will go online as free bonus stuff. Below are a few snapshots I took during the photo session. Just like for my previous books, I worked as a project stylist during the photo shoot. My book designer is Kristi Pfeffer and photographer is Steve Mann. The photo shoot took place in Steve's studio.


Kristi and Steve checking out the shot. Kristi is taking a photo of the computer screen and sending it to her boss for feedback.

Steve photographing Wolfman against the Moon backdrop.

Kristi preparing Grim Reaper, Devil and Zombie to be photographed.


One of the group shots with Frankenstein's Monster, Bride of Frankenstein, Pan, Dracula and Robot. Wolfman is waiting for his turn backstage.

This book is slated to come out in the fall of 2014 right before Halloween.


Nature's Rancher

My dear friend and owner of Stolz-Mead Global Advertising Agency David Stolz kindly offered me a couple of spots on the web site of his recent venture called, "Nature's Rancher". He started this new line of organic meat products a year or so ago and he is doing really well with this brand. His products are sold at Whole Foods all over the US and Canada. I recorded a couple of short videos of me making paper animals from my book "Kirigami Menagerie" and uploaded them for kids to see so that they can learn how to make paper craft projects (after they eat delicious meat products of Nature's Rancher, of course). When you click on the menu that says, "Kidz Zone", you get a video on how to make a cow, and when you click on menu that says ,"Pork", you get to see me make a piglet.