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"Cascade" work in progress

I decided to tentatively name this piece "Cascade" and it's possibly #1 of the series done in a similar technique and concept. 

There are 2 panes of glass placed on top of the other: the top layer has the photographic image printed on the reverse side, then the second layer beneath has gold leafing on the front side. Behind these 2 panes of glass, there is an oxidized and primed steel plate that adds an extra texture to the piece from behind. So there are total 3 layers. This assemblage will be housed in a wooden frame I am constructing. This image was captured via a bed scanner and because of the rich texture of the gold leafing, the fine detail of the facial features seem obscured. However, the actual photograph is much more detailed when you get up close, and also the gold leaf changes its color and texture depending on your viewing angles and whatever it is reflecting that happens to be near by. I am not completely satisfied with this scanned image because of the way the face looks. This picture just doesn't do justice. I will try to document this in a different method that is more accurate somehow...

Here is another shot of this piece from a different camera angle and different lighting. You can clearly see the color and texture of gold leaf look completely different from the scanned version's.


New photo piece

I started printing on glass using Van Dyke Brown process. It worked pretty well. This might possibly turn into a new boy of work. This is a work in progress. I am going to try some mixed media on this.


The Perfect Sketchbook project

My former student and the founder of The Perfect Sketchbook Erwin Lian who lives in Singapore contacted me a few days ago and asked me if I was interested in being a part of The Perfect Sketchbook Group show in Singapore. Of course I said YES. He sent me a sketchbook to work on. There are only a few days left before the submission deadline, So I have been working hard to finish my painting. 

There are a lot of excellent artists in this show. I am in a good company!

 A handsome recycled leather bound sketchbook, size B5 with the highest quality heavy weight Fabriano watercolor paper.

Personalized with my name on the cover.

This is the final sketch of the painting I am going to work on.

Color tests.

Under drawing in graphite pencil.

The figure part has been finished. I decided to do tighter rendering than the version I had initially planned in the color test stage.

I am slowly building up the tones by layering colors several times. So far the background has 5 color washes. I might add a couple more later on. This is such a good strong paper, it is not falling apart at all after multiple washes. I am impressed. I changed the rendering plan a bit. Instead of using graphite on the fabric, I decided to finish the entire painting in watercolor.


Vanitas 12 (renamed) complete

I finished Vanitas 12 (renamed from Vanitas 13) today. The final dimension is 10" x 9.5". 


Vanitas 13 started

I am taking a little break from Vanitas 12 I started last year. Instead, I have been working on a small drawing: Vanitas 13. Today I finalized my composition. I am going to add a cherry underneath this drawing. The final dimension of this piece is going to be 10" x 9".